Nutrition Episode - Fermented Foods with Suzette

About this Session

Garden Goddess entrepreneur, Suzette Smith, shares her love for nutrition and fermented foods. Suzette has pulled ancient recipes for modern health and turned them into delicious and wholesome treats! Suzette is passionate about her mission in spreading some ‘healing bacteria’ and helping YOUR heart smile.


Benefits and Tips

of Fermented Foods

Thank you for your support and join me on our mission to spread some healing bacteria.
— Suzette

Suzette Smith

Garden Goddess entrepreneur


Suzette Smith grew up in rural Georgia, learning the art of cooking from her family’s garden.  Her parents were ‘modern day pioneers’ of their land with her father being an avid hunter and gardener while  her mother catered for church events, weddings and other special events.

Suzette’s roots of clean, organic and wholesome nutrition continues to today.  She has lived in Australia, raised children and through it all sought after natural remedies and nutrient dense food.  Suzette contributes her inspiration of starting Garden Goddess to her close friend Sheila. Sheila encouraged Suzette to forge the trail in helping others learn how fermented foods and food in general can affect the health of your body.

Suzette is extremely busy in her commercial kitchen where each cooking pot has a name, she requires all staff to set a loving intention while handling the food and cooking, and in the midst of this she has also published a children’s book, “Sasha & Sheila….B, C and Dill” a fermented food series.  

She is a wonderful person with a wonderful passion, her food is infused with love and she gladly shares it to help YOU!

Check out her website here!

Check out her website here!