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Sowello Health™ Optimization Services

Rethinking cancer as a chronic illness requires a new strategy and approach. Whether you want to take steps to prevent cancer or if you are in the midst of a cancer diagnosis or beyond the diagnosis or want to proactively avoid cancer given family genomics, we have strategies and solutions tailored specifically for You.

Following The Sowello Method™, our experienced and licensed physicians work closely with you, listen to your health goals and, using proprietary algorithms, skillfully craft your bio-individualized health plan, your compass to move forward. Objective data such as genomics and laboratory testing combined with subjective markers ensure that we get an accurate picture of your metabolic flexibility. A few highlights include: dense nutrition options, sleep, hygiene, exercise, toxic and environmental assessment, and a bio-individualized health plan to help you focus and be organized. Doing everything at once is not conducive to assimilation and understanding. The feedback from our clients plus our experience has shown that it is important to focus on the right health items in the right cadence so you can be successful.

Personalized Health Evaluation

We use Genomic Panels to determine what health conditions you are predisposed to, and then we deeply evaluate laboratory test results and health history to determine the right focus given your unique health picture. The result is your bio-individualized health plan to reduce and mitigate factors that can precipitate the diseases from occurring.


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