Clients are saying…

"Sowello Health recognizes that life has to be worth living in order to sustain the fight. There is no guarantee in life and sometimes the body just gives up, but sometimes the patient gives up. Sowello Health fights for that spark inside each patient that can tip the scales in all battles. Customizing programs, identifying each patient’s priorities, and developing plans to help a person achieve their goals lets the patient share in the battle – to have a say in their life and some control over their direction - treatment is not done to them but with them.

If had a tag line for Sowello Health it is: You do not fight alone, we fight together.

I do not know if I have said this well, but know that both my mother and my sister “gave up” when they lost their quality of life and I could literally see it leave their eyes and knew that they had quit. What you do is special and sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes a miracle."

- Karen

I’m happy for everything that’s happening... I was so focused on the diagnosis.
— Illinois, USA
We are eternally grateful for the role you all have played in my recovery and healing.
— Ontario, Canada
It’s just so nice to be around people where you could just be raw, be real, just come from the heart instead of this facade we all run around with.
— Alabama, USA