Who is Sowello Health™ LLC?

Sowello Health™ has roots going back to Switzerland and Mistletoe. Mistletoe is always looking to restore rhythm. The main theme of Sowello Health™ is to restore rhythm. We all get off balance as we journey through life. Partnering together we help bring you back to your natural rhythm. Sowello helps you navigate the best of complementary and conventional medicines. We are YOUR advocate. We educate and empower you to become your own advocate.

What does ‘Sowello’ mean?

It stands for wholeness, that which our nature requires. Seeking wholeness is what you are striving to become yet by nature, you already are. Sowello is a time for regeneration down to your cellular level; the energy and knowledge giving you strength to overcome fear.

What does the Sowello logo represent?

It’s an inspired design which originated before the name Sowello. The design is based upon the fiber structure of the apex of the human heart. It represents the constant shifting of ‘old' blood out and ‘NEW’ blood in; a constant regenerative process in your body. In between the shifting from ‘old’ to ‘NEW’ is a very short pause or stillness. In that moment of stillness and transition is where your consciousness and health shifts.

Are You Asking Your Doctor the Right Questions?

  • What is causing my symptoms and lack of health?

  • Do you personalize each treatment to my symptoms?

  • How do you personalize my treatment plan?

  • How can I manage my symptoms?

  • How can I move beyond my symptoms?

What’s the difference between a Consultant vs Physician?

Our purpose is to supplement, not replace, the relationship between you and your primary or attending physician.  Our experienced doctors and medical professionals act as ‘consultants’ and strive to keep you well informed about you or your loved one’s health situation.